About Us

Valuable only new and unique. That changes the usual order of things. That gives a new experience. What astonishes. Only special people are able to create unique things. Those who are not afraid. Those who compete with themselves and others. Those who move not in a circle, but upwards.

Сompany culture

Two years ago, two friends created League Design Agency to help brands be unique. In three years, the agency has grown from 2 to 32 people. The clients of League Design Agency are 43 companies from 23 countries, ambitious entrepreneurs who create new, useful products.


We chose the design. Make the world a better place. New Vision. New form. New perspective. Create a unique and memorable. We live and work in order to help designers and entrepreneurs to reveal their potential.



Openness and honesty.
We value relationship transparency and respect. A friendly attitude within the team that helps everyone feel comfortable. And clients have access to any information about the team and project statistics.

Competence and responsibility.
The pursuit of new knowledge, awareness, curiosity — those qualities without which it is impossible to effectively solve complex problems. Take responsibility for their implementation and perform in any conditions.

The ability to influence circumstances and achieve goals by achieving the goals of other people. Self-motivation, proactivity, initiative, mentoring are qualities of a leader who is able to create and manage a design team.


Who are we?
In League Design Agency work young professionals who are interested in modern culture, new products, fashion trends and approaches to create design. Our goal is to grow a professional community of designers and art directors.

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Get a Design

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